Brenda’s is known for our amazing assortment of butter tarts in the following flavours.

Plain, Pecan, Raisin, Coconut, Fudge Brownie, Cheesecake, Hot Banana Pepper, Maple, Bacon, White chocolate cranberry. Have a special request, we can make anything you would like.

We serve gluten free and celiac products listed below.

Cookies: $7.95/ dozen
Peanut butter
Chocolate chip
Health (made WITH celiac oatmeal)
Monster (NOT celiac) 

Muffins: $2.10 plus tax. $12.60 half dozen
Carrot pineapple
Blueberry oatmeal (WITH celiac oatmeal)
Zucchini walnut
Pumpkin date with walnuts

Squares: $3.00 each
Oh Henry (NOT celiac)
Oh Henry (WITH celiac oatmeal, kept in the freezer)
Black bean brownie with walnuts

Butter tarts: $3.45 plus tax
Plain, raisin, pecan, coconut

Scones: $3.00

Gluten free cupcakes: vanilla or chocolate

Apple crisp made with celiac oatmeal

Butter Tarts.

1/2 dozen –  $20.70

Loaves $9.95

Apple Crisp   $15.00

Spicy buns  Creme cheese

1/2 dozen $19.50


1/2 dozen $12.60


1/2 dozen $15.90